God Of War 1 Game

god-of-war-1-GameGod Of War 1 PC Game
File Size: 192.2MBtrailer

System Requirement

  • Video Card: 512 Mb
  • Hard : 4 GB
  • CPU: duel Core


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  1. jagadeesh says:

    how to download this game

  2. best ever

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. i am facing pblm after installed the game…error like plugin is not suitable.(or) select the path for plugin

  5. Abdulhakim says:

    i downloded the game install all done but either the gamepad nor keyboard ware working can u tell me y this pls

  6. hello admin thnks for ur game .. it works perfectly bt the only problem is with controls i hav connected my JOYPAD bt it is nt working . and also the keyboard controls are not working properly…. please help me out

  7. MyMy god of war game was not working

  8. BAADSHAH_SHRA1 says:

    How To Play This Game in Laptop 64bit-windows 8.1
    Ive AMD Radeon R3 Graphics. AMD-A4-QUAD core Processor
    Enough this configuration to Play GOD OF WAR- 1&2&3

  9. how i download this game

  10. Muhammad hassan says:

    how can I download this game for play station 2


  12. Jatin goplani says:

    will this work with PC gamepad

  13. Andri Jaya says:

    MY KEYBOARD AND My joy stick not working please help me

    • check control setting

    • use xbox360 emulator go on website XBOX360ce download for 32 i 64 bit and use it 4 gamepad.only gamepad not working u need emulator!Copy paste files where u install game and u can play with controller! do theat 4 all games coz alot games dont recegnize gamepad(controller). if u play 64 bit game use 64 bit emulator xbox360 if u play 32 bit use 32 bit!

  14. harveen kalkat says:

    bro my lop top hp, g56 this game work for my loptop

  15. Hey how to save the game progress, please help me =(

  16. Ashik AT says:

    I downloaded God of war 1 and my PC is asking how to install it in which I can install it
    Tell me details of installing app
    What app should be downloaded to install it
    Please help me

    • How To Install ?
      Open “God of War 1 – Folder.
      Double click on “Setup” and install it.
      After installation complete, go to the folder where you install the game.
      Open folder, double click on “God Of War” icon to play the game. Done

  17. Donny Lau Kim Leng says:

    When i playing, why all scene and videos scene are lost(skipped/not displayed)?

  18. Raihanz says:

    what the password rar ?

  19. Hey guys the controls in the keyboard are as following

    W – Triangle
    A – Circle
    S – Cross
    D -Square
    I – Move Front
    J – Move Left
    K – Move Down
    L – Move Right
    G, V, B, N – Evade
    E – L1
    Q – L2
    R – R2
    Right Shift Key – Pause Menu
    Enter – Weapon, Magic Menu

    • R2 – R on the keyboard, dont work for me when I want open the gate in the first chapter

    • how can I open the gate when the game said R2, but I tried all my keys on keyboard but still not working. I searched on google, some people said R2 is ‘C’ on the keyboard, and on this site I see someone post R2 is ‘R’ on the keyboard, but still its not work for me and I can’t open the gate.

      Pls help me..

      Sorry for my bad english.

  20. Ashik AT says:

    Pls help with a video guide….???????

  21. Ashik AT says:

    Bro please upload a video guide

  22. Ashik AT says:

    I have downloaded #directx 9.0 and instaled it… And what should be done with it????

  23. I downloaded nd installed GOW2 but it’s very sluggish whereas i’ve an i core,could someone plse tell me wat 2 do?

  24. graphics 1.35GHz. Processor: AMD E-6010 APU with AMD Radeon R2. RAM: 4.00GB. System type: 64-bit operating System,x64-based Processor

  25. Hi Admin-Hellopcgames,

    Can you guide us, where to check and change the control setting in this games? We have a the problem to search it. If you guide it with picture for that, is better. Many thanks for your cooperation.

  26. Is this full version? Because in my pc this game lag and not have any movie in the game

  27. why i can’t play use stik

  28. What a games

  29. hi game nice but have 1 problem game not open videos just skip videos its my pc problem or game?

  30. what is password plz ?

  31. God of war

  32. donwload kasa karo

  33. jab download pa click karta ho to vo bas 5 mb ka he game bata ta ha

  34. where the game control setting?

  35. Where are the game

  36. shankar dash says:

    hello bro, thanks for the game
    bt can I play this entire game comfortably ??

  37. god of war game instal and open easly but run very slow.
    pls help

  38. hi bro i can”t install god of wor my pc please help me
    how to install

  39. not downloading my pc is window 7

  40. The downloading Server is very slow

  41. I have both direct x & visual c++ 12 installed on my pc
    game starts but it runs in slow motion.. can you please provide me a solution to this

  42. admin, how do you use the rage mode. can’t find any button that serves as pressing both playstation sticks. I’m using my standard keyboard.

  43. Ijaz Ahamed says:

    i am facing pblm after installed the game…error like plugin is not suitable.(or) select the path for plugin
    Where is the control option.
    I install the game successfully I open the game
    New game option is there I press enter but it not work it shows the bottom of the screen x = select but I don’t have any joystick I am having keyboard only how can I play the game please help me I love this game very much I want to play this game please help

    • Rahil Ovaiz says:

      Hey guys the controls in the keyboard are as following
      W – Triangle
      A – Circle
      S – Cross
      D -Square
      I – Move Front
      J – Move Left
      K – Move Down
      L – Move Right
      G, V, B, N – Evade
      E – L1
      Q – L2
      R – F
      Right Shift Key – Pause Menu
      Enter – Weapon, Magic Menu

  44. Ganesh karuneek says:

    Hello sir i cant download the setup for god of war 1 can you please help me to do that….

  45. Ganesh Karuneek says:

    Hello sir i cant download the setup for god of war 1 but downloaded the file God of War 1 – Fullypcgames.com.rar can you help me to download the game.

  46. Ganesh Karuneek says:

    Pls help with video guide to download???

  47. Ganesh karuneek says:

    Hello sir i have a problem in my installation and the problem is”A newer version of Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable has been detected on the machine.” how can i solve this problem

  48. when i open the game it shows that GS plugin failed to open what is the problem really is

  49. Hi sir it is not working telling to update direct x libraries but i have direct x 11.

  50. i’ve successfully downloaded the game but the archive file has password.
    what is the password of the file ?

  51. SIR need hepl the link of this..said files has been removed due to copyright issues….is there any link to download this god of war 1…

  52. rajat sharma says:

    How to Medusa with out analoge routet in pc

  53. rajat sharma says:

    How to kill Medusa without working analoge pad how to use use analoge in key board

  54. Game is working ! thx adimn. and its working fine with keybord and Gamepad

  55. Rahil Ovaiz says:

    Hello Admin-Hellopcgames , I have installed completely and played well , but there is a problem in cut scene, there is no video playback just skips that and come back to play mode

  56. sir game working is slow how can do it fast please help me

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