God of War 3 Game

God-of-War-3God of War 3 PC Game
File Size: 40.15GBtrailer

System Requirement
  • Core: 2 Duo
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Video Memory: 256 MB
  • Hard Disc:  4.43 GB
  • Windows XP (SP3), Vista, 7 and 8

This is a PS3 Game click here to download PS3 setup Emulator
Must install utorrent software in you PC if you want to download this game
click here to download Utorrent Setup
Download God of War 3 (PS3)

(If you don’t know how to install or have some problems, you can ask me on Tag CONTACT ME)

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  1. http://kimunk says

    winrar file to number 32 has been removed , can be uploaded to reset admin
    thank you

  2. http://Anonymous says

    pasword ????

  3. min ni seriusan sizenya cuma 2,5gb doang?

  4. http://Anonymous says

    How to download god of war 3

  5. http://Anonymous says

    It is not download god of war 3

  6. http://Marvel says

    SIZE 2,5 ?? bukan nya 30 gb? jangan jangan ga full version?

  7. http://Anonymous says

    Where Is GOD OF WAR 3 LINK

  8. Is It Really God Of War 3. How Can i Play It on my Pc

  9. http://Anonymous says

    god of war game when it comes to download it s ishowing failed why

  10. http://kelechi says

    have problem downloading

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  12. http://Ssharad%20sanap says

    Amazing game I like to play GOD OF WAR

  13. http://irfan%20khan says

    I love God of war 1,2,3and all parts I like you

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  15. http://Anonymous says

    How to download God of war3

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    how to download a god of war game to Windows 7ultimate

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    When I was play god of war I include in the game so I like to play it

  19. http://yogesh says

    This game is open my mobile plz reply ?

  20. http://siraj says

    thanks admin, i will buy this pc game

  21. http://takchhak says

    it is saying that purchase from amazon please help

  22. http://Bedroom says

    Keep posting the good games, especially the free games.

  23. http://Witch says

    Thank You SO much For Download God of War 3 PC

  24. http://faiyaz says

    Its play windows 32 bit please reply .e fast

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    Please, I ‘m download this game.

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  30. How To Install The Game How ? pleas repy

  31. http://amit%20suthat says

    yar yea game download nai ho raha hai please muje koi batao yea game keae downlod hoga

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    How download. God of war 3
    Plz tell me

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    Ple post the download link for free

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    I can’t extract hitman blood money please help

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    Admin Please add Portal 2.Thank you

  37. http://santosh%20kumar says

    is there any working ps3 emulator to play this game

  38. http://Vijay says

    hello sir i bought god of war 3 ps3 disc but i do not have ps3 and i put the disc in my laptop but not showing any file and content in the disc so how to read files from ps3 disc into laptop.please tell me

  39. http://arul says

    hello sir
    i got god of war 3 game
    how to download ps3 emulator

  40. http://ahme says

    hello sir
    where is the download link please

  41. http://Rishi says

    #admin how can its possible god of war 3 only in 2.50 gb ?? Its real or not plzz Tell me Bro?

  42. http://jatin%20shukla says

    please post new games

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    password kiya he yarr

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    its not downloading why???????????????????/

  55. http://Googles%20in%20the%20eye says

    i am enjoying the game god of war 2 except why did you leave out the trailers?

  56. how todownload god of war 3 pc

  57. This game download single file

  58. http://Maryam says

    When I install your game all of my fails has been encryption, now what should I do??

  59. http://purab says

    is this game compatable with windows 10

  60. http://hari says

    why god of 3 is not downloading ?

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    Please help me

    How to download God of War 3 pc

  65. very nice game for pc

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  67. How to download god of war3 pc?

  68. admin pls uploade link

  69. ok bro i m waiting

  70. pls admin answer the question on link psx2 emulator how to download it

  71. Bro download links shows nothing……..where can i download the game plz send me the link………

  72. Sir
    ..how to download PC windows8.1.
    God of war 3..
    Link page upload sir

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    Bro game release date place

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  85. Very Nice I Realy Like It

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  87. Thanks For Sharing 🙂

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    Hey admin bro.Where is the downloading file of GOW3 when i am opening the file is not there and there is no another file.Tell me how can i download it please fast

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    It is showing next volume required or insert a disk with volume plz help me.

  115. God of war 3 registration code?
    gears of war registration code? tell me sir

  116. No link seen

  117. http://Naveen says

    How can i use joystick

  118. http://Naveen says

    Uplpad god of war chains of olympus and ghost of sparta

  119. God of war 3 or link not working send me new link

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    I finish god of war 1&2&ghost of Sparta&chains of olymbus. How I download god of war 3 sent me link plzz

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    God of war &ghost of Sparta&chains of olymbus. Please downd link

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    dear bro admin… is this G O W 3 your upload was perfect……???? i want make sure before to download. please reply…..thanks.

  129. we can play in pc?

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    Sir upload zip parts.

  131. Please give me god of war 3 rar password

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    Mr.admin can we play this on pc? By the way nice website 🙂

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    How do I play god of war 3 using the PlayStation 3 emulator… Pls post how to play using the emulator

  135. pro this game pc version? plzz tell me

  136. How to Download God of War: This link is not available on the download. Please create a problem so please send us the link.

  137. What is the registration code for god of war 3

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    DO you know Registration code of God of war 3?
    Please tell me.

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    My PC specification is intel i3 ram 4gb hard disc 1 tb
    Window 10 dell laptop
    Can this game play in

  150. http://Avtar%20singh says

    My PC specification is intel i3 ram 4gb hard disc 1 tb
    Window 10 dell laptop
    Can this game play in ?

  151. can you upload this game compressed pls because i love this game

  152. Bro .. i have 2.7ghz i5 cpu nd 4gb ram 1gb graphic card can i play it at best fps ..plz tell me

  153. http://Suman says

    Registration code please please please please please for god of war 3

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