Need For Speed Most Wanted Game

Download Need For Speed Most Wanted PC Game, Need For Speed Most Wanted Game Free Download, Direct Download Link Need For Speed Most Wanted Game.

Need-For-Speed-Most-Wanted-gameNeed For Speed Most Wanted PC Game
File Size: 365. 92 MBtrailer

System Requirement:

  • OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
  • 1.4GHz Processor
  • 256MB RAM
  • 3GB Hard Disk Space
  • 32MB ATi Radeon 7500 or nVidia GeForce2 MX Class Video Card
  • DirectX compatible Sound Card
 Download Links:
1.Unrar rar File
2.Run Speed File
3.Enjoy 🙂
Please Add Review And Leave Your Valuable Comments
How To Fix Need For Speed Most Wanted Game Soundtracks click here
(If you don’t know how to install or have some problems, you can ask me on Tag CONTACT ME)

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  1. http://sudhir%20mishra says

    I love this game, I’m excited to play this game.. Thanks for uploading this game.

  2. http://hestine says

    unrar rar file and “the archive is either in unknown format or damaged”

  3. http://M.%20saiteja says

    very thanks for you uploading this game

  4. http://vipul says

    link not open… i dont know why but when i click on ..::Hugesharing::.. this new page open and just browsing for long time and nothing open????
    please do something in my favor…. thanks

  5. http://gustavo says

    full game?

  6. http://Anonymous says


  7. http://honey says

    do we need to install this game or just run the speed.exe file to play? 😀

  8. http://pramesh%20patel says

    unable to download this some pop up ads are coming only .
    not downloading….
    what should i do….please help

  9. http://kasun says

    hey how to change the language.its complely russian plzz help i need it in English???

  10. http://Anonymous says

    full game version ?

  11. http://nwaze%20chinyere says

    no sound or music. y?

  12. http://Don%20Don says

    it ask me for cd

    • http://Admin-Hellopcgames says

      Run “Nfsmw” registration entries file.
      Double click on “Nfsmw” Game file.
      Enjoy the game and share with your friends.

  13. http://hitesh says

    how can i download nfs most wanted 10. I tried all way but i cant got. please sudjest way and please hepl me.

  14. http://parth says

    Awsm game

  15. http://Ankit%20Gupta says

    Is lan mode available in this version ??

  16. http://Transformer says

    Actually, When I am Clicking on Your “Download” Link, It Showing Me 2pages. But Not Downloading Properly.

  17. http://raghib says

    thanks bro,it is working….

  18. http://ahmed says

    Can you tell, why the audiof music track and voices does not work ? >>but this, Every thing is perfect .

  19. http://prateek says

    Does it will work on window 10

  20. http://мaιnaĸ says

    нow ι υnrare тнe rare ғιle???

  21. http://rohan%20kumar%20lal says

    Can i add my own tracks??

  22. http://dev says

    can u tell the steps

  23. http://bj says

    hlw bro I have one problem I have this game but I havent got its all sounds please give me link to download it

  24. http://James%20Borral says

    I have already downloaded it. not sure if this is, it is named “need for speed most wanted game.exe” don’t know what to do sir

  25. http://hafij says

    please give me the download link. i can’t download it


  27. http://edd says

    Is thia the new version or old one??

  28. http://edd says

    Please add more nfs games….

  29. http://kumar says

    not compatible, my pc is windows 7 home basic 64 bit. what to do?

  30. http://thirivenikumar says


  31. http://Maks1m%20Diamond says

    click download why not download fake

  32. http://ahmed says

    i love nfs

  33. http://derf says

    brother hugeshare is not working..:3

  34. http://derf says

    when i unzip it it cant be done.. why???

  35. http://User says

    test comment for legitimacy. Please disregard

  36. http://amvigatun says

    pls help me to download pls…i dont know how to download

  37. http://Angga says

    It’s really just 300MB??? Please answer!

  38. http://white says

    why does the soundtrack doesn’t work?

  39. plz update the counter strike game……

  40. http://raghav says

    wanted to download this game but unable to do it. can some one do me the needful……..

  41. http://raghav says

    this file is missing to run NFS game can u plz share me this file…..D3DX9_26.DLL

  42. http://Yousei says

    bro thanks for the mega site…

    the best server, once again thanks and success

  43. http://Prasanna says

    Is it a full version?

  44. this is 1st version or the second?

  45. http://mathan says

    awsome game

  46. http://CID says


  47. http://anuj%20kumar says


  48. http://edd says

    Pls add more nfs games
    Highly compressed
    And direct download


  49. http://Mahadev says

    The link isnt working bro

  50. http://vamshi%20kanna says

    brother what is it mega share just downloading it within the browser

    • are you fell the difficult from mega share download try to hugeshraing download link.hugesharing simple download link

  51. http://lil%20dj says

    guys can u plz tell me hw do you download the nfs full version

  52. http://karthik says

    awesome package. flawless.. good work bro.

  53. http://Lucky says

    Dear Sir,
    Speed.exe has stopped working .please tell me how can i start the problem details shows appcrash

    • How to install:
      Extract with Winrar or 7Zip.
      Game Already Install.
      Run “Nfsmw” registration entries file.
      Double click on “Nfsmw” Game file.
      Enjoy the game and share with your friends.

      • http://Lucky says

        Dear Sir ,
        I am tray but not working properly my pc is windows 7 32 bit,hdd0500 gb, ram-4 gb,…please help me

        • Dear friend game working fine please update your Direct X after install direct x software in your pc now try to play this i hope game work fine after complete these procedure..
          can you send me error name maybe i have a best idea about your game problem.

  54. http://Joe says

    Do I need an internet connection for me to download the game?

    • http://Hangker says

      no. you just need download rar file format first than extract it. you will get file in exe format. just click that exe format and it will automatic extract into a filder. keep on your mind, you must install any rar software (WinRAR or whats ever – 7zip also can).

      • http://Hangker says

        I forget to say. It not a launcher software for download game but the game already in that compress file. just extract and play!

  55. http://Hangker says

    Thanks admin! you save a lot of my time although sound track is not working… lol

  56. http://Thianchai says

    The game keeps crashing on career mode

  57. http://brijesh says

    i can not download nfsmw

  58. http://Adel%20Toom says

    After i do the 7zip file the nfs folder comes up, when i click speed.exe it does nothing

  59. http://rami says

    is it 2012 version or 2005 ?

  60. http://Ardhi says

    Thanks 🙂

  61. http://nixdh says

    Thanks the game .. i was downloading and hope it never crash anymore

  62. http://Jeremy%20Goodman says

    It keeps on crashing when i try to play career mode. Can you help me?

  63. http://HERO says


  64. http://akshay%20kumar says

    Unable to download

  65. http://ssyaroh says

    pls upload devil may cry dantes awakening

  66. http://afdhal%20ilahii says

    I beg permission to share this game in my blog , thank you

  67. no download link working of this site

  68. http://racerX says

    why is my need for speed underground 1 file is not installing? it says not compatible with my pc….

  69. http://Bade says

    Is Trainer included in it?
    If not can you please upload it ?

  70. http://Someone says

    The Zipped file is 750KB only!

  71. http://Donex says

    It’s 100% working, Thank you so much

  72. http://socheat%20seng says

    i really like this game to much…..

  73. http://Md.Uday says

    Can i play this game in my windows 10, 32 bit Computer?

    Thank You.

  74. http://Novita says

    why format file when i download this is gz not rar ???

  75. is this have music and full latest version?


  77. http://sohail says

    my speed.exe file has been deleted so please can u provide me the file to download

  78. http://kianeworld says

    i have problem withh downloading the file
    after 250 mg my speed will go to even 50 kb/s
    and after20 sec idm will close
    i love this game plz help

  79. http://mayur says

    It’s not downloading buddy ……..

  80. this game is very very super

  81. how i can download this game

  82. http://Sandeepyadav says

    How can I download this game

  83. http://swagger says

    when i finish download the folder must download RAR folder right………
    after downloading the RAR folder cannot open too………..

  84. http://pop says

    game download nhi ho raha kui aur sa setup aa raha he

  85. http://jhonrgoles says

    Ser!! Compresed game?? Or not? ?
    Please reply

  86. http://Ron%20Fontanilla says

    sir thanks for the game but the audio is not working. there is no music nor cops nor voice calls? please help how to fix this . Thanks

  87. http://arief%20firmansyah says

    this game isnot crack or error?

    • How to Install?
      Run “Nfsmw” registration entries file.
      Double click on “Nfsmw” Game file.
      Enjoy the game and share with your friends.

  88. http://shubham says

    I m huge fan nfs

  89. http://vihanga says

    Thank you so much for the game and its nicely compressed

  90. its downloaded but cant open in everything tried
    what should i open it in

  91. http://arun says

    i want nfs game how i download it

  92. This file is licene key request?
    I don’t know
    Please help me!

  93. http://muzzammil%20mungroo says

    In which file i must open the Rar :/

  94. NFSMW working good ty and muzzammil now download nfsmw when done its show rar file open speed exe and chose ur folder and its show zip file extract file into ur folder and enjoy

  95. http://progammer says

    will u giv the produc id???

    • How to install:
      Extract with Winrar or 7Zip.
      Game Already Install.
      Run “Nfsmw” registration entries file.
      Double click on “Nfsmw” Game file.
      Enjoy the game and share with your friends.

  96. http://progammer says

    thers no product ID man… and itz not possible to play world wide….

  97. Need for Speed Most Wanted Game is the best Game All Time,

  98. http://Moethein says

    Can I play nfs on window 8.1 64 bit?

  99. http://Rudro says

    Hey the game isnt downloading. Can you help me please to download this game?

  100. how to install this game nfs most wanted….. plzz guide me

    • How to Install?
      Run “Nfsmw” registration entries file.
      Double click on “Nfsmw” Game file.
      Enjoy the game and share with your friends.

  101. http://feliz says

    no movies ????

  102. http://mdfiroz%20alalm says

    how I download game

  103. sir my favraket game h ya download not ho rha h please help me

  104. help me

  105. http://Santos says

    when i open the exe format then initialization then says “connection to server error: 1.317108195”

  106. http://Oderx%20peter says

    How do i open N-F-S-M-W in rar format

    • How to install:
      Extract with Winrar or 7Zip.
      Game Already Install.
      Run “Nfsmw” registration entries file.
      Double click on “Nfsmw” Game file.
      Enjoy the game and share with your friends.

  107. http://kago%20baleseng says

    i need to download the game need for speed most wanted but its not coming anyone please help me

  108. i have ubuntu can u help me with this 🙁

  109. http://Arluy says

    thanks for the game but still there is no soundtrack with this game. I already followed your solution but it still won’t work 🙁

  110. http://debo says

    i dont know how to extract the file bro, this is my first pc.. i dont really understand what you say when you use those big words. please help me bro, i’m begging… i downloaded the 7zip as you said but it looks nothing like the screenshot, please help me. and a big thank you for the platform

  111. http://Nifahat%20Khan says

    Hey there, How are you?
    I have downloaded this game,
    And thank you very much for providing me this,
    But I am having problems like Voice message can’t be play through a voice, And When I downloaded this before, It showed a promo or trailer before starting, but in your version it’s not showing anything like that.
    I just wanted to know why?

  112. http://azozz says

    its not working it says to me stopped fortunately and its not working

  113. http://sandra%20mishel says

    it’s not working…i love to play this game 🙁

  114. http://lopez.chard98 says

    no sounds dude the only sound i hear is the cars engine

  115. http://Haroon%20Prince says

    Nice Job

  116. http://kenney says

    how to open the file

  117. sir sound not coming but game is great , i saw how how to fix soundtracks
    but still not music coming please sir help i really want to play this game

  118. Very Nice I Realy Like It

  119. Need for Speed successful and working 100%. thanks you so the game, i must to say that this is the best site for downloading game.

  120. http://Qwertyzxcvbnm says

    Hi Admin,

    Thank you so much for this game. At first I didn’t believe this website, but, OMG, i can imagine that I have this game after so many years. Its working. Everything is fine. But the audio has some issues. So I used . link to fix it. But still im facing the issue. And I don’t have the folder/files saved in C:/ but on desktop directly. I did it twice. Still not working. Please suggest.


    • Right click on game icon on desktop
      Select “Properties” Option
      Now select the “open file location” under the shortcut tab
      Now double click on “Nfsmw” registration entries file and select “Yes” option
      now you play the game with sound track

  121. http://randy says

    can’t extract. CRC failed and the file is broken. how to fix this ? pls help

  122. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Hello sir this game is ooswm bt it has no sound tracks or videos that play in game before we start a carrer and in the end when girl throw the keys and we run awy with bmw
    Plz sir tell me what i do in game there are no movie in movies folder
    My humble requst to u plz send me the link to download that movies
    Nd tell me what i do
    The game is superv
    Thanks to you for this game
    Bt please fix my problem plz sir
    I m begging
    This site is osm nd vry helpful
    Nd game run perfectly
    Only soundtracks nd movies issues are left please solve this
    I will share this website with my all frnds
    They are also crazy about nfs games
    Hellopcgames is perfect website for downloding a pc game thanku sir
    Plz fix my prblm

  123. Hi
    is it nfs 1 or 2 (2012) ??????

  124. please answer my question

  125. http://kartik says

    how to unrar?

  126. http://TARUN says


  127. I Like This Game Very Much..
    Actually i am searching for this game..
    Finally i found it.. Thanks a lot man…

  128. http://donny%20don says

    can i download this game for windows 10

  129. http://amin says

    hello I cant download if you can please email link address send for me
    my Gmail [email protected]

  130. http://paras says

    Sir how to fix videos problem movies file is missing

  131. http://taimur says

    Brother can u upload need for speed most wanted 2012…?

  132. http://bhaveah says

    How play in full screen

  133. Morning! I was downloaded this game, and i don’t know why, when i play this game. always black screen. and just out the sound. i need the answer, please!

  134. http://Kanishka says

    Can I run this on win 8

  135. http://Suryansh says

    Not working at all

  136. http://Sadan%20sharief says

    Are there cutscenes and music in this game… Which you have uploaded…

  137. http://syed says

    After extracting the files if i run the application is showing speed.exe has stopped working.
    What to do?

  138. http://puni says

    I am not getting download like please send me

  139. http://tyson%20singh says

    after clicking on download tab, its not initiating the ownload, kindly help me out

  140. http://Mohammed says

    Hello……it wont me to download this game when i click download now it give me the same site
    even i try to follow downloading method for games and software and nothing work
    just give me a link that download this awesome game FAST !!!!!!!

  141. http://Tommy%20Joseph says

    Why sound and music cannot working on this game

  142. http://Terk%20Zent says

    is downloading Games or software from here free and legal? Any reply is appreciated, Thanks bro

  143. gud facilities of games and good graphics

  144. http://nanda says

    thx brother, so much. this work i like it

  145. http://nanda says

    sorry brother i have a question, how to make sound of police n other sound it not working?

  146. http://Basagouda says

    Hi sir,
    Please tell the way of downloading the “Need For Speed” game?
    I have windows 8.1 in my laptop…
    May I know the file size of this NFS car race game?
    Send me the links if they are necessary for downloading the game…
    Please reply to my above Questions because I really love this game…

  147. http://abid says

    Sir .does the game required crack

  148. I want sir link or no available please send link god of war 3

  149. God of war 3 game not working link

  150. http://Purab says

    Bro ur Game NFS MW was nice , i share with my guys,,,
    can u provide NFS other games which do not require installation , just like this game , Download , Extract & Play type.

  151. Please upload GTA 5 highly compressed game

  152. Plzzz upload full version

  153. http://Rajanbir says

    When i extract using Winrar it is saying the file corrupt.

  154. http://vishnu says

    will it run in windows8 ??

  155. http://Sobaan says

    What is the password bro? I just wanted to extract it but it is needing me to provide a password. what is it?

  156. http://syam says

    hello sir when i opened the game after a few seconds its automatically getting closed and the speed file was missing iam very eager to play this game will you pls help me to solve the problem

  157. http://jitesh%20kumar says

    whats the password of this games?????????????????

  158. http://ASHOK says


  159. how to download and run please tell me.

    • If you dont know how to download games and software click here

      Installation Instructions:

      1.Unrar rar File
      2.Run Speed File
      3.Enjoy 🙂
      Please Add Review And Leave Your Valuable Comments

  160. http://frk says

    will it work in windows 10? i need this game to work in my lap .. which is windows 10 .. please help

  161. http://arnald says

    licence key

  162. http://suleiman%20sultan says

    i just can’t install this game

  163. http://ajooba says

    hi i need to download nfs most wanted and i am not getting how to download. i downloaded .rar file.. but the linkis not working.

    same with call of duty 4.

  164. http://ashutosh says

    thanks for ur work ,my favt game nfs ms…..very much appreciative work ,i enjoy playing it but only issue is no sound track working even after running NFS REG file and second thing in game play when in free roam mode ,when i click enter on safe house or shop location ,nothing happens i mean cant get in shop to upgrade my car parts ,let me know how to solve it !
    any way thanks for ur site nd ur work !

  165. C:\Users\user\Downloads\NFSMW(www, end of archive.

  166. http://Tanvir%20Rahman says

    #Admin + #Any_one give me a way to play this game……
    i unrar the file…….
    and when i run the speed file windows say SPEED.EXE HAS STOOPED WORKING……
    how can i solved this???
    please give me a bst soluion……..

    • http://ashutosh says

      uninstall it. delete old file from your folder and if u have copied it in c folder delete all,only keep rar dowanloaded file.
      now etract it ,dont make any folder for it extraction let itelf make its folder.
      now copy/cut the etracted folder and pate it in c drive program folder NFSMW.
      Now run set up, then run reg file, then speed icon create its shortcut to destop .
      now play n enjoy

  167. http://wakwaale%20derrick says

    i like this game so much, i like racing

  168. http://mahehskumar says

    dear admin.. i download the file but diagnostis message shows C:\Users\WWC\AppData\Local\Temp\NFSMW( Checksum error in Need For Speed Most Wanted (\Need for Speed Most Wanted.exe. The file is corrupt
    C:\Users\WWC\AppData\Local\Temp\NFSMW( Unexpected end of archive
    Cannot execute “C:\Users\WWC\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$EXa0.880\Need For Speed Most Wanted (\Need for Speed Most Wanted.exe”
    plz help me

  169. http://mahehskumar says

    wts that speed file.. cant find that file

  170. http://Nik says

    download link cannot working

  171. im trying to download games on my laptop..

  172. im trying toddd games on my laptopawnlo

  173. http://MOHAMMED%20REHAN says


  174. http://ROCKLET says

    Thanks for uploading. But the audio is not working well. No music. No voice call. Only race sounds. How do you correct it.

  175. http://Farabi says

    I can’t upgrade my cars.why?

  176. http://Suresh%20H%20S says

    Sir I can’t download it please help me

  177. it shows this page is cant be found

  178. http://Bhupinder%20kahlon says

    there single download is not coming

  179. http://Pranav says

    Window 10( 64) bit mai chalegi?
    Password kya hai

  180. http://Maruf says

    I have downloaded it.and when i opened it and clicked on the exe file it sayed corrupted file.why?
    help pls.

  181. http://itsyaboiCarlosSpicyWeiner69 says

    It works fine for me but no music just the sound effects someone help me to fix this matter?
    the download works fine and everything is fine but no music just the sound effects

  182. http://yash says

    hello admin, i download nfs mw today after run everything is fine no bug but there is no nfs music why ?

  183. http://PRIYA says


  184. http://Semoa says

    I downloaded the game but it plays demo only, how to download full game

  185. http://Rohit says

    I extract the file but .exe file is missing
    Please help me sir

  186. http://midun says automatically gets minimized…

  187. http://nithish%20kumar says

    bro itz not working fr me help me

  188. how to download nfsmw ?

  189. http://Kwabena%20Gyamfi says

    Please can i get the password for the nfsmw rar file?

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