Prototype 1 Game

Prototype 1 GameScreenshotPrototype 1 Game Picture 2

Prototype 1 Game Picture 3

Prototype 1 Game PicturePrototype 1 Game
File Size: 1.76 GB

System Requirements:

  • CPU: Intel Core 2Due Processor 1.8 GHz
  • OS: Windows Xp,7,Vista,8
  • RAM Memory: 1 GB
  • Video Card Memory: 256 MB
  • Hard Space Required: 4 GB
  • Direct X: 9.0
  • Sound Card: Yes


(If you don’t know how to install or have some problems, you can ask me on Tag CONTACT ME)

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  1. raj rajput says:

    how to download prototype 1 game using idm

  2. prototype 1; the two files are the

  3. two files contain the same content

  4. Can u please please please please pleaseeeeeeeeeeee upload prototype 2 please catching ur feet please upload

  5. how to make it work plz ?

  6. i download it right ,, but when i want to extract the files by winrar i get i weird message telling me that there is a problem on extracting the setup.exe file ,, can anybody help me ?!?!?

  7. Shaan Aslam says:

    Frnds I have download the game and unzip the file .When i press * setup ** it only showing game info in dos but noting happening .Pls help frnds…

  8. prototype game will be not open it show error what its reason

  9. it says prototype has stopped working

  10. what is the password bro

  11. the damn thing is linking to other windows……

  12. how to setup the games??????

  13. dude resolving error please

  14. directx 9 error ?

  15. i run the set up but it turns to color white…

  16. Hello sir. The game is not working. I am downloaded the whole game but when i double click the setup button . And then it takes tooo much timeee. but it is not begin.

  17. I extract the game there are not any stup what should I do

  18. Joaquin25022001 says:

    Game works perfectly. 🙂 For anyone that are having problems, it’s the best to also state the name of the error. Who knows? Maybe I or ohers can help.

  19. can you upload gta 4 or teenage mutant ninga turtles mutant in manhutan

  20. ??????????

  21. Does it work in dual core 2.7Ghz cpu?????

  22. protottype 2 is not working the computer is saying that prototype 2 has stopped working what can i do now

  23. sriramkumar singh says:

    How to install this game

  24. Aftr downloading when i click setup 2 windows are showing and one is keeping on playing spiral words like prototype and the other window by synergy and i cant do anything it just keep on playing..

  25. shashwat says:

    error occur when i extract the game… all files extracted without any problem.. only setup.exe causing problem..

    can u plz upload only setup.exe file ???

  26. Mr.BurningSkull says:

    sir i need your help when im extracting the prototype 1 files its say its have a virus and my anti virus protetion going to red and the TPTB app are delet

  27. Abhishek says:

    It is work 100 %

  28. i had downloaded the game but when the game starts….. it closes down with a window saying “the game has stopped working.”

  29. Admin I can’t get the real video content in my game ..Any file still left to extract?

  30. Admin what is magic risk

  31. alok tanwar says:

    sir when i extract this game winrar says that the data 1 and 2 is corrupt file and i clik ok then i saw the size is 10 mb plz suggest me and tell me tbtp when i press esc it close and it extarcting he said to install direct x . i intall but game setup does not start plz help mee

  32. aloktanwar says:

    can u send a video to how to extract protoype tptb

  33. aloktanwar says:

    hey can u send a video clip how to install

  34. sumiter sharma says:

    Hey thnxx bro… fame is working 100% fine…
    can u tell me name of a game. I had completely forgotten its name i used to play when i was a kid. It’s a car game in which there is a bomb on a car nd u hav to strike another car to put a bomb on it and the u hav to evade the time before that car again passes bomb on you.
    It’s a 00’s game nd plzzz tell me the name of this game if u can help.

  35. Hi. Ive downloaded and played the game. I switched off my laptop. I again started my laptop and it says that your game is moved and it didnt start. What is this???

  36. sir plzzzzzzzzzzzz upload saints row 2 plzzz

  37. Awesome bro, I have downloaded the game and first time I start it it start but there is no sound so I downloaded direct 12 and then it runs perfectly with sound. Thanks bro……..I think I need to download sleeping dogs so tell about me about sleeping dogs…….sorry for my English……..

  38. Today am download prototype game but am not install this because a black dialog box with moved alphabat come so am not able to start. What i do??

  39. haykal rafli says:

    how to setup workk??? hlp plzz

  40. Sir please help me I download the game and when I run its setup it is just showing white words, but when I delete TPTB setup will start and when I open the game it says Prototype stop working, please sir help me.

  41. hlw broo,,can I play this game in my pc,,my PC VGA- 256 MB but not 3D, RAM-2GB,,Processore- 2.93 GH2……

  42. no name says:

    pls upload cuphead games and more fighting games

  43. Is it a correct file

  44. Virus is there in prototype 1 which is detected by npav

    • This software is tested and safe to install but if your antivirus give any type of error so don’t worry just disable your antivirus and install.
      It’ll not harm your computer or anything because it’s 100% tested and safe.

  45. Hey Admin! I am very thankful to you for uploading these games for us average Indian gamer who can’t afford to buy such expensive games. I have download 4 games from your website till now and they all worked without any issue. However this Prototype crashes after the loading screen. I looked online for solution but nothing really worked.
    I’d be more than happy if you could help fix this issue.
    Anyways, I’ll still love you for uploading on this website.

  46. ajay thakur says:

    Sir there Is a problem in TPTB. Exe file it’s crashed how to solve this problem

  47. Vito Valian says:

    can it run on windows 10? because everytime i click the setup.exe it says “insufficient system resources exist to complete” afterthat the setup.exe button disappear. can you guys fix my problem? Thankyou

  48. this game will sure work after setup…… please answer

  49. Hritik Ranjan Bai says:

    bro how i install prototype in windows 7 by winrar

  50. Please please please please please………..give me torrent for this game admin

  51. It is not working in Windows 10 64 bit

  52. We can use cheats for prototype 1

  53. harikrishna says:

    what is this how can i download this

  54. Ajay chain says:

    This game is fake only virus or I download two times, setup working but it showing only tptb,

  55. Ajay chain says:

    Sorry this game is work perfectly

  56. Game run show beginning all right reserved. On game but not go next

    Game doesn’t start give u r mail I mail problem as a screen shot

  57. Hello sir,my pc is windows virus defender is not allow the game(prototype1) so how to paly the game help sir…

  58. Why u don’t upload an installation video

  59. I need. Bcz i hv dwnld 3 games 4m ur site and they doesn’t work. Only say _____.dll missing

  60. Hey admin is it prototype work in pentium 4

  61. Please reply

  62. Prashast says:

    It is saying you don’t have access to run setup.exe what to do plz tell

  63. will it work in Window-10, 64-bit.

  64. sumiter sharma says:

    will it work in Window-10, 64-bit.

  65. Best site to download games. I love it

  66. Harsh singh says:

    admin please help my game fps is to low what should i do

  67. ahmed amr says:

    The setup file
    When it is clicked, a blacklist appears for seconds and then disappears knowing that the computer requirements are higher than the requirements of the game

  68. This is amazing site for download games

  69. sahebaan says:

    sir, please help me the game is running without any problem .
    but the sound of this games is so weird it means the street People and game characters have a very weird voice…
    please help me how I can fix this???

  70. sahebaan says:

    please help me as soon as you can 🙏🙏🙏

  71. when i clicked setup it says insufficient resources …. i ran the setup as administrator..plz help me soon

  72. when i ran the setup as admin is displayed insufficient resources ….and the setup file dissappeard

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