How to Play Strikers 1945 Plus Game

Download Strikers 1945 Plus Game

Extract with winrar

Open game folder

Follow these steps How to Play Strikers 1945 Plus Game.

1. Double click on “WinKawaks” .

2.  Click on “File” chose “Load game” option.

3. Now click “Strikers 1945 Plus” then click on “OK” play and enjoy the game.


Test menu: F11
Reset:     F10

P1 Coin:   F3
P1 Start:  F1
P1 Up:     Up
P1 Down:   Down
P1 Left:   Left
P1 Right:  Right
P1 b1:     A
P1 b2:     S
P1 b3:     D
P1 b4:     Z
P1 b5:     X
P1 b6:     C

P2 Coin:   F4
P2 Start:  F2
P2 Up:     U
P2 Down:   J
P2 Left:   H
P2 Right:  K
P2 b1:     Insert
P2 b2:     Home
P2 b3:     PgUp
P2 b4:     Del
P2 b5:     End
P2 b6:     PgDn

P3 and P4 work, you can define their keys, but they are by default undefined.

Strikers 1945 Plus Game
Operation Sandstorm Game

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