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Subnautica is an adventure and survival video game. Developed and published by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. It was released on January 23, 2018. You have crash-landed on an alien ocean world, and the only way to go is down. Subnautica’s oceans range from sun-drenched shallow coral reefs to treacherous deep-sea trenches, lava fields, and bio-luminescent underwater rivers. Manage your oxygen supply as you explore kelp forests, plateaus, reefs, and winding cave systems. The water teems with life—some of it helpful, much of it harmful.
PC Release Date: January 23, 2018
Developer/Publishers: Unknown Worlds Entertainment
Type of Game: Adventure, Survival
File Size: 6.38 GB

Subnautica Game Download ScreenshotSubnautica Game Screenshots

Subnautica Game Picture 3

Subnautica Game Screenshots 2

Subnautica Game System requirements

  • OS: Windows Vista SP2 or newer, 64-bit
  • CPU: Intel Haswell 2 cores / 4 threads @ 2.5Ghz or equivalent
  • RAM Memory: 3 GB
  • Video Card: Intel HD 4600 or equivalent
  • Disk space: 11 GB
  • DirectX: 11
  • Sound Card: Yes

How to Install?

  1. Download.
  2. Extract with WinRAR.
  3. Open “Subnautica” folder, double click on “Setup” and install it.
  4. After installation complete, go to the folder where you extract the game.
  5. Open “CODEX” folder, copy all files and paste it where you install the game.
  6. Then double click on “Subnautica” icon to play the game. Done!

Download Here

8 thoughts on “Subnautica Game

  1. Game is that it is in early access
    When I pressing play button than start new game button
    Than this shows four option survival , freedom , hard core , creative but the problem is when I am clicking in any of the option it will not opening


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