How To Play PlayStation 2 Games On Your PC Using PCSX2

PlayStation 2 Game Picture Steps

1 Here you can Download PlayStation 2 emulator Setup and install it- PlayStation 2 most important to run the games Tools. Now Open the software and click on Next to install.

PlayStation 2 Game Picture 1 2 Click On Next Accept License Agreement

PlayStation 2 Game Picture 2

3 Click On Install

PlayStation 2 Game Picture 3

4 Just Click OnΒ  Close Button

PlayStation 2 Game Picture 4

5 Double click from icon desktop – you see PCSX2 Installed Click on it.Β Β 


6 Now we have to configure the Emulator to work for PlayStation, Click on Next.

PlayStation 2 Game Picture 6

7 Now again click on Next Button.

PlayStation 2 Game Picture 7

8 Give the Bio Path file select the language and click the Finish Button.Β 

PlayStation 2 Game Picture 8

9 This Screen Appear after clicking Finish Button, Now click on CDVD to load the disk, that you inserted. You can also insert the ISO file to run on it. Enjoy Playing you Games.

PlayStation 2 Game Picture 9

Download PcsX2

13 thoughts on “How To Play PlayStation 2 Games On Your PC Using PCSX2

  1. Hello!
    My system is pretty decent. It’s as follows:
    AMD Athlon 2 X2 250 dual-core CPU, running at 3.0 GHz (1MB of L2-cache)
    4GB’es of RAM, DDR2-800 CL6
    AMD/ATI Radeon HD 5750 GPU with 1 GB of dedicated video-RAM
    …my question is – why this emulator does not produce enouph, suitable amount of FPS’es?
    I have it loaded from an HDD, maybe that’s the cause?
    I have tried Virtua Fighter 4; my BIOS is for European. The FPS is bullsh&t – it cannot play smooth as well, as should.



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