Plants vs Zombies 2 Game

Plants-Vs-Zombies-2-pc-game Plants VS Zombies 2 promotion
PopCap has been in heavy promotion of its Plants VS Zombies 2 franchise lately, with the Talking Zombatar expected later this year. Hitting the cross-promotion button, Zen Studios is expected to reveal a pinball table this weekend featuring a PopCap franchise. Doesn’t take brains to figure out what it’ll likely be.

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    1. JUST click the word download which is in green which is under the plants vs zombies video don’t click ( CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD) After downloaded Plants vs zombies you need to unzip it by 7 zip ( OR ( OR by Win RAR ( OR (
      After downloading 7zip or Winrar then go to your downloads and find P-Z 2.rar once found then left click and click on 7zip or Winrar and let it un zip it self once unzipped there should be a folder called (PvZ 2(Game Of The Year Edition) open the folder and find PlantsVsZombies.exe (THE PICTURE SHOULD HAVE A YELLOW AND WHITE FLOWER ON IT ) Once found click on it and the game should work

  1. My internet is f slow many ppl r usin it i cant even f download this why??? stupid…..internet speeed……..rrrrrr this makes me mad


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